Window Tinting for Home and Office
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  • Excellent Solar Heat Rejection
  • Improves Comfort and Productivity
  • Superior Optical Clarity
  • Excellent Glare Reduction
  • Provides UV Protection and Reduces Fading

Lifetime Residential
12 year Commercial
5 year Glass Breakage
3 year Seal Failure
Important Notes about Window Film Installation
During the window film drying process, you may notice changes in the optical clarity.  A cloudy appearance may occur.  If this happens, it is
normal and will go away.  After the moisture dries, the hazy appearance will disappear as the film bonds to the glass.  It is also important to note
that climate, film thickness and metal content of the film dramatically affect drying times.  Occasionally small water beads or bubbles will form
during the drying process.  This is normal and they will dry out an disappear.

Seal Failure Warranty

Limited Seal failure is defined as a visible break or opening of the window's air seal, resulting in an ineffective sealing of the insulated glass (IG)
unit, allowing moisture and/or air to penetrate, causing an internal "fogging" between the two panes of glass.  In the event such a seal failure
occurs (and provided that the IG units are still covered by the original IG unit manufacturer warranty) (
The building owner must provide proof of
valid seal failure warranty in effect in order to make a claim)
within (3) years after the application of Solar Zone or Safety Zone Brand Window
Films, Hanita Coatings USA, Inc. will pay for repair or replacement of up to, but not in excess of $500 per defective glazing unit.  This Limited Seal
Failure Warranty is subject to the terms and conditions as outline in the company's Limited Glass Breakage Warranty.

Limited Glass Breakage Warranty
Special Note:  Not all films are eligible for Glass Breakage and Seal Failure Coverage.  Some types of film, when applied to certain types of
glass, almost always result in glass breakage due to excessive heat absorption.  To prevent unnecessary glass breakage, Hanita Coatings
USA, Inc. only approves and offers its
Limited Warranties on glass and film combinations as detailed on the Company's FILM TO GLASS
, which may be changed from time to time by the manufacturer.

Tempered, heat strengthened or annealed glass, including the inner (room side) pane of the double pane or insulated glass units is warranted
by Hanita Coatings USA, Inc. against glass breakage due to thermal shock fracture only for a period of FIVE (5) years after window film
application.  In the event of glass failure due to thermal stress shock fracture that is caused only by the application of Solar Zone or Safety Zone
Brand Window Films, Hanita Coatings USA, Inc. will:  
  1. Replace the broken glass.
  2. Replace or repair that portion of the window frame in immediate contact with the glass, if damaged due to the break.
  3. Replace such quantity of Solar Zone or Safety Zone film judged to be necessary by Hanita Coatings USA, Inc.
  4. Board up or cover openings caused by glass failure when replacement of glass is subject to unreasonable delay.

The terms and conditions of this Limited coverage are as follows:
  1. Hanita Coatings USA, Inc. will pay for repair or replacement of up to but not in excess of $500.00 per glazing unit, including materials,
    labor and film.
  2. Coverage is limited to the original owner of the property at the time of installation.
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