Horizons Natural Woven Shades are crafted in both the Classic Roman style and
the Hobbled Roman style.  Choose from over 160 beautiful weaves from the
Horizons Natural Shade and Nature's Creations collection.  

CLASSIC ROMAN SHADE:  Simple and elegant, the Classic Roman Shade lies flat
when lowered.

HOBBLED ROMAN SHADE:  This shade keeps its elegant Roman folds when

6" CLASSIC VALANCE:  The 6" Classic Valance is attached to the front of Horizons
Natural Woven Shades and hides the hardware.  Custom Heights from 4" to 18" are
available at no extra charge.

STANDARD FEATURES:  Premium stained or painted pine headrail (1-1/2" depth
x                                               3/4" high)
                                6" Classic Valance
                                Cord Lock and Pulley Controls

SIZE LIMITATIONS:  Minimum Width:     8"
                         Maximum Width:    120"
                         Minimum Height:    12"
                         Maximum Height (Classic):  192"
                         Maximum Height (Hobbled): 144"
                    Flush inside mount depth required:  2"
                         Minimum inside depth:  1/2"
The Blind Lady with Shades