Sun Control Shades --Automated and

One of the most popular window
coverings in the market today.  They
allow a variety of ways to control the
sun and light while at the same time
enhancing even the most
sophisticated of interior decorating

It's easy to experience the effortless
and superior performance of
motorized sun control shades.  It is
ideal for large, tall and hard to reach
windows and also perfect for rooms
with many windows.  You can easily
lift multiple shades with quiet
precision, positioning them exactly
where you want.

Both the battery powered motor line
and the 100V AC motorization are
from SOMFY, a name known for
reliability.  With Somfy's range of
compact motor, it's easy to
experience the convenience of
automated shades at the touch of a

Automated sun control shades can be
instantly adjusted to the changing
sunlight and your changing activities.   
Take control of your lighting
environment.  Enjoy the sunlight and
view or created a more restful,
relaxing environment with total privacy.
Shades for Sun Control
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New, Fresh Fabric Collections- 123 new colors, 15 new fabrics; in total 26 collections or 188 fabrics
Three Fabric Categories--Traditional--classic look, traditional feel; Natural-casual, the look of grass cloth,
chenille and other natural elements;  Soft-new category; elegant texture, gentle hand, luxurious colors
New Lifting Systems- Cordless, Dual Roller Shade ( 2 roller shades housed in one cassette; each shade
operates independently); Motorization with a quiet motor